Group Discount – Expires April 30, 2018

A group of four or more professional T&F athletes may join together for a 50% discount, on a one-year TFAA membership.  This discount is not available to Rookie Professional Athlete members.  The group may contain active professional T&F athletes and retired professional T&F athletes or consist entirely of athletes in either category.

To obtain the group discount, email the names, addresses and mobile numbers of each group member to:  Indicate in the email: (1) the date on which the group will register (must register within 24 hours of each other); (2) whether a check will be mailed to TFAA with the entire discounted membership fee for each member of the group (must be one check or money order); or (3) whether each group member will register online (must register within 24 hours of each other), and then receive a refund of TFAA of 50% of the membership fee via PayPal.  The refund will be issued within 48 hours of registration.  If less than four of the group members fail to register within 24-hours of the first group member to register, the registered members will receive TFAA membership, but no group discount will applyNo partial or full refunds will be provided by TFAA for group memberships of less than four members.

The TFAA group membership discount expires on April 30, 2018