The Track and Field Athletes’ Association (TFAA) is a not-for-profit membership based association that advocates for its athlete members. Our mission is to galvanize the voice of our membership to influence the process and the policies that impact our athlete members. Our objectives are:

  1. To create a specific set of standards that our members agree to uphold.
  2. To promote the professionalization and commercial viability of our members.
  3. To develop and support specific professional, legal and financial services for our athlete members.
  4. To organize athlete-led initiatives that add value to the profession.
  5. To conduct research and disseminate information to our membership.

Our membership is a subset of athletes and supporters of the sports of cross country, road running and track and field (collectively known as “athletics”), who satisfy our Membership Qualifications and agree to our code of conduct by signing the TFAA Pledge.

Membership Criteria

Anyone who supports our mission and our objectives to add value to the professional athletes and agrees to all Conditions of Membership is encouraged to join. However, we do distinguish between two categories of membership – Athlete Members and Supporting Members. All supporting members recognize that the TFAA’s primary objectives are to support its Athlete Members. Athlete Members must satisfy the criteria listed below and sign The TFAA Pledge:

  1. Enrolled in a recognized Anti-Doping Program.
  2. Anyone who has achieved a World or Olympic standard in the past three years.

Supporting members have no additional criteria except they must sign The TFAA Pledge.

Athlete and Supporting Members may apply for membership online. Applicants must complete the membership form and agree to the terms and conditions of membership.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is a living, breathing document. It is the tie that binds all of our members. It can be changed in special sessions or at the annual meetings. It’s our hope that this code remains driven by principles of fair play, trust, integrity and athletes’ rights.

  1. I agree that I will participate within reason with TFAA-endorsed marketing efforts that promote clean sport or other efforts that protect my brand.
  2. I agree to notify the TFAA of any behavior that might constitute an anti-doping violation.
  3. I agree to participate in any research related to anti-doping programs endorsed by the TFAA.
  4. I agree that if I am found guilty of a doping violation I will forfeit any current and future benefits extended to me by the TFAA.
  5. I agree to support the TFAA as it works with other stakeholders – sponsors, meeting and race directors, and federations – to create greater alignment with the policies and procedures that govern our profession.
  6. I agree to sign the TFAA Pledge.
  7. I will allow the TFAA to use my name and likeness on the TFAA website and other materials.
  8. I agree to satisfy all membership obligations listed below.
  9. I understand that this code of conduct will change over time and that as an active member I have the right recommend and endorse specific changes.
  10. I understand that the TFAA is led by an independent board of directors and president. I, also, understand that the TFAA will address issues in an organized fashion as agreed upon by the board of directors according to its by-laws.

Member Obligations

Members for are obligated to:

  1. Comply with the current code of conduct and any changes made through legislative processes agreed upon by the athlete members.
  2. Provide up-to-date contact information for periodic newsletters.
  3. Notify the TFAA of any action that may violate the anti-doping policies or other issues that may negatively impact our membership.

Termination of Membership

Members may terminate a membership at any time for any reason.

Suspension of Memberships

Membership privileges and benefits will be suspended should any member fail to comply with anti-doping regulations resulting in a ban from competition or failure or fail to comply with other terms of the code of conduct.


All notices to a Member shall be deemed to have been received provided it was sent to the email address indicated on the member’s account.