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The Track & Field Athletes Association, Inc. (TFAA) is a nonprofit trade association with a mission of enhancing the sport of track and field, road racing and race walking (track and field).  Its constituency is professional track and field athlete and their supporters, who seek to improve and expand the participation in, and the fan base for, the sport of track and field domestically and internationally.  TFAA’s members are professional track and field athletes, their representatives, coaches, event directors, and supporters.

TFAA’s mission is, among other objectives, to:

(a)   be the collective voice of its professional athlete members;

(b)   advocate for best practices in the business of track and field that improve working conditions and revenue opportunities for TFAA’s professional athletes, coaches and event director members;

(c)   raise the professionalism and public profile of the sport of track and field; and

(d)   promote the highest level national and international track and field competition.


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Membership Criteria

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Leadership Criteria

The TFAA is seeking nominations for TFAA members to serve on the TFAA Board of Directors and the TFAA Advisory Board.  Candidates must be a member of the TFAA and have a desire to lend their voice in support of the future of the sport of track & field. All nominations forms must be submitted by March 31, 2018.